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This is a work in progress... I don't typically make enough effort to promote myself, despite my decades of experience and continued interest in the space... BUT I'm working on this right now... December 5, 2021

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Houston, Texas

IT Architectural Advisor - ACTS Freedom Farms™ of America creates unique master-planned hi-tech agricultural environments that are built around the principles of family, community, environment, education, health, and economics. Their goal is to create new standards for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle for members of the US Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. Surigao Internet Marketing developed several websites for ACTS, as well as creating videos for their CerarMist product line.


Surigao City, Philippines

Technical Advisor – Nextep Marketing is somewhat of an “evolution” of Automated Marketing System, with the additional inclusion of Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web 3.0 technologies, hybrid Web 2.0 / 3.0 development, and more focus on innovation. Besides working with NFTs, we’re also integrating the concept of POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) NFTs, into Event Management Systems and Blogging platforms.


Surigao City, Philippines

Technical Advisor – Automated Marketing System focuses on Automated Marketing through various means, and acts as the “brand” for Surigao Internet Marketing services being promoted and resold in the United States. While we've included “old school” automated marketing, such as email marketing… there is more of a focus on mobile marketing, with push notification marketing, text message marketing, and Progressing Web Apps, and “Virtual Business Cards”, as well as Social Media integration and auto posting. We were “all in” on a very innovative Beacon based, Proximity Marketing System, until Google “nixed” Nearby from Android.


Surigao City, Philippines

Technical Advisor – Surigao Internet Marketing focuses mainly on general eCommerce, Content, and Membership / MLM websites, for a somewhat fixed set of clients that we've worked with over the years. We hire local talent form the Colleges in Surigao City, some of which have worked with us for more than 10 years. We did some very interesting telephony automation, which ended up being the starting point for more focused automation and innovation with the Automated Marketing System.

AUGUST 2001 — MARCH 2007

Online Retail - Portland, Oregon / Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner / Operator – Enrichment Unlimited was one of the largest distributors of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad educational material, and his Cashflow 101, 202 and Cashflow for Kids board games. We also sold the full Nightingale-Conant and Anthony Robbins product lines. This all went well when the dominant media was either Cassettes or CDs, but sales started to plummet when downloadable media took over. In addition, Robert Kiyosaki’s organization decided to handle all sales and distribution themselves, and discontinued their resale distributor’s program. This lead me back into the tech world, and developing websites for people I knew.


Houston, Texas

Project Manager / Developer, Windows Development - Managed a development team creating commercial Windows software used to administer Lucent/Avaya PBX systems. Played role of Project Manager, Developer, Lead Architect and DBA. The product was a huge success because of intuitive, easy to use interface, and was a significant portion of the company’s income. The team consistently met goals and target dates. Prior to that I was the designated Developer for the State of Washington Department of Information Services for 1996–1997 (Election Result Reporting 1996-1998, 800 Voice Mail, Voter’s Information Hotline, Automated IVR Billing), as well as several other telephony related projects.

JULY 1989 — NOVEMBER 1995

Corporate Officers, Wilsonville, Oregon

Programmer Analyst II (lead), working my way up from Swing/Graveyard Computer Operator. Smith's Home Furnishings was a very successful Furniture - Appliance - Electronics retailer, that expanded to 18 stores before going bankrupt in 1995. My work included designing, developing , testing, documenting and supporting add-on applications for the GERS Sales-Accounting-Customer Service-Inventory software and ADD+ON Payroll software systems.

JULY 1984 — APRIL 1989

Portland, Oregon

Lead Computer Operator - Paychex is a computerized payroll processing company that has over 100 locations and serves hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide. At the time of my employment, they had approximately 2000 clients at the Portland office. I was responsible for nightly payroll processing. I earned highest score in nation on annual Computer Operators test three years consecutively, and took initiative to develop, revise, and thoroughly document procedures to improve office productivity and efficiency.

FEBRUARY 1983 — APRIL 1984 (Seasonal)

Portland, Oregon

Lead Data Control Operator. IFS Dynatax/Unitax processed tax returns using a network of mainframe IBM and DEC computers. They had centers in many major cities nationwide. I was responsible for ensuring all tax runs for three west coast centers were completed each night. I also got to do my first “programming” outside of personal projects and academics, writing IBM EXEC scripts to make tasks easier and less time consuming.


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"We are very pleased with your design and programming talents and continue to rely on your good work. Sure we will get back to you as our site evolves going forward."

"Your staff has been nothing less than professional and respectful. They are super patient and really listened to what I wanted. I would give you the top stars!"

"Your staff has been nothing less than professional and respectful. They are super patient and really listened to what I wanted. I would give you the top stars!"

Christean B. Creative Director
John Paul A. IT System Analyst
Norman P. IT Engineer